Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits of the project?

La Cholla Boulevard will be improved from just north of Overton Road to just south of Tangerine Road. The total length of this final phase of La Cholla improvements is 3.5 miles long with the northern 80% located in Oro Valley and the southern 20% in unincorporated Pima County.

Currently, the Town of Marana and the Town of Oro Valley are designing and constructing RTA improvements on nearby Tangerine Road, including a short portion of La Cholla Boulevard south of Tangerine.  Design is complete and construction is underway.  

What are the benefits of the project?

  • Provides all-weather crossings over major and minor washes, which will eliminate roadway closures during storm events.
  • Provides a safe parkway-type alternative north-south route to La Cañada Drive and Oracle Road.
  • Connects the previously widened portion of La Cholla Boulevard from Magee Road to Overton Road.
  • Improves bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety.
  • Enhances the right-of-way with landscape design.

What type of improvements will the project contain?

Proposed improvements include: four travel lanes, paved shoulders for bicycles, multi-use path, cross drainage structures, intersection improvements, a landscaped median, and aesthetics. The voters of Pima County approved this project scope in the RTA vote of 2006.

How long will it take to improve La Cholla Boulevard?

  • Design is currently 30% complete with a final design anticipated in early 2017.
  • Utility relocations will be necessary both prior to and during construction.
  • Construction currently falls into the RTA Period 4 (2022-2026).  However, construction may begin as early as mid to late 2017 – pending permitting and funding availability.  Construction would take approximately 1 1/2 - 2 years.
  • The schedule is dependent on permitting from the Army Corps of Engineers, utility relocations, and funding availability.

How wide is the La Cholla Boulevard right-of-way?

Generally the right-of-way needed varies from approximately 150’ to 175’ wide.  Easements, varying in size, outside of the right-of-way will also be required in certain locations.

Will there be public input on this project?

  • A Community Advisory Committee (CAC) was consulted throughout the design concept phase for the corridor as well as during the final design of the Magee Road to Overton Road project. Input from the CAC was considered and all CAC input was shared with the Pima County Board of Supervisors prior to preliminary design concepts being approved. Although the CAC is now dissolved, their input during the design concept will be carried forward into the Overton Road to Tangerine Road project design.
  • An Equestrian Survey was distributed to the community during the design concept development.
  • Two public Open Houses (12-1-09, 3-30-10) and a Public Hearing (6-1-10) were held during the design concept development.
  • Two public Open Houses (6-21-11, 8-15-12) were held during the Phase I project.
  • Public input will be gathered at future Open Houses through a survey. Input can also be provided by emailing directly or via the project website

What will the project do to help my business survive the construction project?

The Regional Transportation Authority funds MainStreet Business Assistance, a small-business assistance program. Funding for the program was approved as part of the RTA plan in May 2006. The $2.1 billion, 20-year plan included $10 million for small business assistance to help businesses affected by road improvement projects in the RTA plan. MainStreet Business Assistance helps businesses during transportation projects by providing information, facilitating communication and offering individual and group business consulting services. The contact information for MainStreet Business Assistance is below.

Britton Dornquast
MainStreet Business Assistance Program Manager 
1 E. Broadway Boulevard, Suite 401
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 838-4352
Fax: (520) 620-6981

How can I learn more about the project?

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La Cholla Improvements from Overton to Tangerine

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